Friday, May 20, 2011

I Like the Subway Series

There's a lot of talk about the irrelevance of inter-league play. I can agree with most of the arguments that highlight the worthlessness of it, but I gotta be honest. I like the Subway Series.

You can cancel all the games the Mets play against the Twins or Royals or Angels or whatever American League team you want, but leave me six games with the Yankees. Why? It's rivalry baseball at its best.

Anyone who has friends, co-workers or family with a rooting interest in the Yankees knows how great it is when the Mets beat the Yankees. Or even better, when they win the series.

The Mets haven't swept a Subway Series since Art Howe was manager. Yes, I know how hard it is to believe that an Art Howe team swept the Yanks. But this weekend is an exciting weekend for Mets baseball. They're playing well. The young players are exciting to watch. The bullpen has been phenomenal. And there's no Luis Castillo so we don't have to suffer through the dropped pop-up conversations.

To me the Subway Series is the epitome of New York baseball. The hallway banter and online squabbling between Mets and Yankees fans that happen every day is finally put to the test on the field.

I think it's good for baseball; it's entertaining to watch and I just pray Dickey doesn't lay an egg tonight.

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