Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Unexpectables

Last night's win against the Astros is a more improbable Mets victory than one might think. Yes, it is the Astros who aren't exactly a fearsome team, but the Mets had not come back to win like this in quite some time.

They haven't won a game when being down by 4 runs since early last year and the way they were able to come back is even more surprising. First, Jason Bay showed some power (finally!) to put the Mets on the board. Then the BLOWpen of April, has disappeared as the relievers went into lock down mode after Dillon Gee gave up four runs in 5 innings.

Add that to the just called-up Fernando Martinez appearing out of oblivion to hit a monster 2-run pinch hit home run. And finally Mr. Anti-Clutch, David Wright, pulls teed up changeup over the left field wall with two outs to put the Mets ahead.

To top it all off, Jason Pridie, who was mired in an 0-15 slump, added an insurance run in the top of the 9th. Of course, K-Rod tried to make things exciting but ultimately notched the save.

This is one of the most unexpected wins of the season. Is it a fluke or are the Mets turning the corner with yet another 3-game win streak. Not to be overly dramatic, but this afternoon's game should give us some answers. Dickey is on the mound and he's been just dreadful. Can Dickey ride this high and master his knuckleball? Will the Mets give the starting pitchers some run support for a 4th straight game?

As the Mets inch closer to .500, it's easy to start getting excited about this teams overerachievement. But part of me is waiting for that 6 game losing streak lurking around the corner.

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