Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trading an MVP

I'm not sure if it's ever been done before. Has an MVP candidate been traded mid-season and then gone on to win the award?

The Mets have a chance to make history if it hasn't happened. Jose Reyes should be in the discussion mix as an early contender for MVP. If he remains healthy and stays on his current hitting course, Reyes could very well lead the league in hits, triples, stolen bases, runs scored and be in the top 10 in batting average. On a contender, Reyes would be an ideal candidate for MVP, but on the Mets will he get the consideration he deserves?

I realize it's a bit early to talk end of season awards, but the Reyes trade rumors and discussions make it a relevant topic. Would you trade an MVP in mid-season? The irony is if there was ever a person you'd want to sign wouldn't it be someone who's potentially the leagues' MVP? Wouldn't that be a sound investment?

With the salaries of Perez, Beltran, KRod, Castillo and a number of other players coming off the books this year, it really shouldn't be a financial issue for the Mets to sign Reyes. It should be a question of whether his talents can help this team into the future. I think Reyes is showing you that his talent is unquestionable.

With all its faults, Citi Field was built for Jose Reyes. Why wouldn't you keep this player who is finally becoming the best shortstop in New York that we had predicted he would be just 4 years too soon.

Don't Trade Jose Reyes. Trading an MVP is unprecedented, but so are the decisions the Mets seem to make.

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