Thursday, May 13, 2010


Our manager has reduced the best leadoff hitter in the game to the worst #3 hitter in the game.

Our #1 pitching prospect has been relegated to #1 in mop up duty.

Our best clutch hitter bats 8th, and leads the team in home runs.

Our cleanup hitter has one home run all season & our “All Star” 3rd baseman has one home run at home. Yet a guy I never heard of hit his first two career home runs in one game…in that same home park.

Our closer, like all the ones before him, can’t close. It should be more like Pray-Rod.

Our All Star Centerfielder had surgery in January for an injury that started 7 months prior.

And the worst thing of all that ya gotta believe? David Wright is now just an average baseball player who is a strike out machine and who never comes through in the clutch anymore. His inexplicable demise, for me, is the most disheartening realization of all. David Wright, Oh, David Wright, for wherefore art thou David Wright?

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dave said...

Pray Rod is genius. I was thinking HR-Rod but Pray Rod it is.

Reyes is potentially the worst 3rd hitter in all of baseball. I'd rather see Ike Davis or dare I say it, Luis Castillo, there then Reyes.

So many problems and sub .500 baseball is almost here.