Monday, May 17, 2010

Bernie Carbo Ordered a Hit on Keith Hernandez

When a hitman is the voice of reason, you know you've got serious problems. But that pretty much sums up the life of Bernie Carbo who in an interview with ESPN's "Outside the Lines" revealed that he asked a hitman to go break Keith Hernandez' arms.

The cause for this reaction was the fact that Keith Hernandez outed Carbo as being the man who introduced him to cocaine dealer when he was testifying in a Pittsburgh court. Carbo asked a hitman friend to go brake his arms to which the hitman replied he'd have to wait two or three years to do it because everyone would realize that Carbo was the one behind the hit.

Some 25 years later, Carbo wants to apologize to Hernandez for this ill-will that has been pent up between them. If I was Hernandez, I'd send a fruit basket to Carbo's hitman buddy for talking some sense into him.

For full details on the Carbo interview, click here.

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