Monday, May 24, 2010

Positive Thoughts from a Subway Series

I woke up this morning thinking about all the Mets flaws. I know I'm a downer, but the starting rotation is in a state of limbo, the bullpen appears to be crumbling, Franceour can't get a hit to save his life and with the Phillies coming to town the good will of this past weekend may soon be for naught.

Such is the mind of the Mets Lifer, but there are some things to feel good about this morning. And as Mets fans we tend to focus on the negative so here are the positives from the Subway Series:

  1. Takahashi looked great and should probably have been in the starting rotation to start the season.
  2. Jason Bay loves him some Yankee pitching. Hopefully his bat will stay awake for the rest of the week.
  3. While Wright strikes out a ton, he's looking more productive.
  4. Ike Davis is playing like a seasoned veteran.
  5. Igarachi is back so hopefully Feliciano and Nieve will get some needed days off.
  6. The Mets are starting to hit with runners in scoring position and two out.
  7. This team continues to show they won't give up when they are down.
  8. Mike Pelfrey has me believing he might very well be the Mets #1 starter next year.
  9. Johan Santana continues to be the big game stud we thought he'd be.
  10. The Mets won the first round of the Subway Series
A day off today so everyone can enjoy the series finale of "24" uninterrupted. The dreaded Phils come to town on Tuesday.

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