Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Good and Bad from a loss in Cinncinati

The Good: Oliver Perez pitched pretty well
The Bad: So did the Reds starter

The Good: Jose Reyes finally broker out of his slump
The Bad: Jason Bay just found another one

The Good: The Phillies lost
The Bad: The Mets lost

The Good: Luis Castillo looks pretty productive
The Bad: The rest of the Mets lineup is pretty unproductive

The Good: Mejia had great command in relief
The Bad: The entire Reds bullpen had command over Mets hitters

The Good: It's still fun to watch Ike Davis play first base
The Bad: It's tough to watch Ike Davis have to bat in pressure situations

The Good: It's great to be rid of Mike Jacobs
The Bad: We still are stuck with Tatis, Catalanatto, and Gary Matthews Jr.

The Good: There's another chance to break this current cycle tonight
The Bad: There's another chance the Mets won't break this cycle tonight

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