Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mets Questions for the Rest of May

Like the series finale of LOST, I want some questions answered from the Mets. The end of May is within sight and it's time for the Mets to own up and put some answers out there instead of this perpetual state of limbo that seems to be surrounding this club. By June 1, I want these questions answered:

1. Is Jerry Manuel going to finish the season as Mets manager?
Either get rid of him now or tell us he's finishing the season. The whole "will he be fired?" act will wear out quickly. Can him. Can Warthen. Can Minaya if you want as well. Or just tell they're staying so we can focus on question #2.

2. How do you solve a problem like Oliver Perez?
I'm not questioning whether he will improve because I'm fairly certain he won't. Why on earth would you put this guy in the bullpen? Do we really need a left hander who can walk people and not throw hard to come in from the pen? What value does he add there? He doesn't want to work it out in Triple A? Can we cut him? Trade him? He's worthless to the team in the bullpen so put a plan together to cut him lose or turn him into a corner outfielder.

3. Where will starting pitching help come from?
I have zero confidence in John Maine. There's no way R.A. Dickey is a season long solution for pitching help. Will Mejia be coming back to the bigs as a starter? Is Takahashi a permanent fixture in the rotation? Can we trade Murphy or Franceour for some pitching help? Throw us a bone here.

4. Is Jose Reyes fixable?
Is this the new Jose Reyes? Is the old Reyes gone? Can we leave him as the leadoff hitter? If he doesn't improve, can you really have a Jeff Franceour-lite in the leadoff spot?

5. Will we ever see Carlos Beltran again?
Are we talking July? August? September?

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