Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bye Bye Ollie

Oliver Perez stay in the major leagues should be over. He can't pitch up here with any consistency. Forget his contract. Forget the fact that he's still owed a double digit million dollar salary over the next few years. That money is already gone whether he pitches or not.

The Mets should cut their losses, send Ollie down to the minors, and see what happens. Maybe he's the next Rick Ankiel?

If Tobi Stoner was pitching the way Perez has this season, do you think the Mets would continue to keep him with the ball club? No way. Yet for some reason they believe that there's a magic switch that can be flipped to make Ollie good. What they forget is Ollie was good really for only one season. The rest of his career he hasn't been over .500.

Yes, the lineup needs to be adjusted. Sure the bullpen is overworked. But if you want to address the easiset problem the Mets can fix, it's cutting Ollie loose and moving on.

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