Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mets Don't Need No Stinkin Comebacks

In this short Mets season, this team has proven that it has the ability to fight its way back into a game. Wednesday afternoon's contest was a perfect example. Mets were down early. They tied it up. Reds took the lead. Mets came back with two runs of their own.

I love that fight. It's good to know that a team has proven their ability to claw its way back into a contest. However, there's no need for the Mets to do this.

The Mets had an absurd amount of opportunity to put the Reds away for good. I think Reyes alone left 6 runners on base in Wednesday's game. The Mets were 1 for 7 with runners in scoring position which included a third inning debacle in which the Mets had the bases loaded, no one out, and only score one run. That takes effort.

While comebacks are exciting and it's important to show you have heart and not give up, the Mets are becoming a team that flushes away opportunities to put teams away or capitalize on scoring opportunities.

The worst part is each time there was a major run scoring opportunity the heart of the order appeared to be the one falling flat. Bay's bat has hit aversion syndrome. Reyes is the king of pop-ups. Wright actually is looking better though.

I wish there was a simple answer to this riddle. The last two seasons the Mets have had one of the worst team batting averages with the bases loaded and appear to be struggling with that same situation as well as having runners in scoring position with two out.

These are problems that have to be solved. Not only to help with a few extra wins, but to lighten the load from their pitching staff so they can have some breathing room to work.

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