Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a Difference a Half Inning Makes

Last night Mets fans went from "Were going to lose a series to the Nationals at home" to hope filled jubilation in the matter of a 20 minute span from 10 p.m. to 10:20 p.m.

Although this was simply a regular season, month of May comeback against the Washington Nationals, it really should give this team a lift. Being down five runs in the 8th inning is not the easiest thing to overcome, especially with the Mets bats being what they are. But there's a fight in this team from the support players that seems to lift the Mets.

Every comeback seems to involve Barajas or Ike and now Chris Carter wants to join the show. The Mets big bats will come around. Bay will get on a roll. Wright will have one of his streaks where he bats .400 for two weeks. The fact that the Mets are winning these games using role players as the stars is unbelievably huge. Without their step up performances, the Mets might very well be 3 games under .500.

Thanks to last night's heroics, and Ike Davis' now patented over the dugout railing theatrics, the Mets are poised to win a series and ride the tide to Florida for the always pesky Marlins.

Mets fans owe a lot of thanks to Daniel Murphy and Frank Catalanatto. Without their injuries or dismal performance, this team wouldn't be where it is today.