Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't Panic But Mets Look Good

Try not to get anxious. Let's not panic just yet, but the Mets look pretty good of late. The team is mixing the right ingredients together at just the right time to put together a winning recipe in this wide open National League.

Timely hitting? Check. Sound defense? Check. Solid starting pitching? Check. Reliable bullpen? Check. Speed on the base paths? Check.

Over the last four games the Mets have done everything right. I can't point to a single glaring mistake, other than Pray Rod's 9th inning histrionics against the Yanks on Sunday, that this team has made over this stretch. Everybody appears to be getting hot at the same time.

But we're Mets fans. We know the other shoe must fall. That this can't last forever. That right now everyone is red hot which means everyone will be ice cold in a matter of days. Or does it?

This is a team that has lost 3 starting pitchers, has their top power hitting free agent with only 3 home runs and their best hitter leading the world in strikeouts. The Mets should be irrelevant. They should be getting blown out. They should be struggling to put more than 2 runs on the scoreboard.

But somehow they're resilient. I want this run to last. I want this team to make me forget about the letdowns of yesteryear. They don't have me there quite yet, but I can see the potential.

A sweep of the Phils would go a long way.

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Brad said...

If they sweep, we're going out for beers...

...of course, if they lose, I'm still up for drinks.