Monday, April 16, 2012

What the Series with the Phillies Has Taught Mets Fans

Taking 2 out of the 3 from the Phillies in Philadelphia during any of the last 5 seasons would be an accomplishment. The fact that the Mets did it this year with this roster and the expectations that come with it make it even more incredible.

A sweep was within reach, but there was a sense throughout Sunday's game that this was not a win the Mets were meant to have. But even so there are some things that were revealed during this weekend series that I think we as Mets fans have to pay attention to:

  1. You evidently don't need a pinky to play baseball - David Wright never could throw very well to first base so ignore that aspect. Rattling off 5 hits in two games including a home run...I'll take it, pinky or not.
  2. RA Dickey is the Mets best pitcher - It's almost heresy to say this with Santana in the rotation, but 13 consecutive quality starts makes the case for me. You're always in the game when RA is on the mound.
  3. Pelfrey is still Pelfrey - Yes, he got out of a bunch of jams. Yes, he only gave up one earned run. Yes, he got the Phils to ground out a lot. But if you can tell me that you comfortable watch and enjoy Pelfrey on the're crazy. He's a slightly less insane version of Oliver Perez, but he can't hit.
  4. The bullpen is the key to the Mets season - Barring any more freak injuries, if the Mets can stay healthy their season may very well rest on the arms in the bullpen. Friday and Saturday showed how they have some quality arms who can hold a lead. Sunday on the other hand showed how if one thing goes wrong it can unravel faster than a Kardashian marriage. 
  5. Jason Bay is needed more for defense than offense - I don't care that he hit a monstrous home run this weekend. Bay is still a nightmare at the plate. However, his glove in the outfield is the best asset he has. You saw this with Scott Hairston as our secondary option roaming around in left field. There were at least two plays that Hairston botched which led to runs that Bay would have potentially made. Is that really enough to keep Bay in the lineup? That's debatable.
So it's on to Atlanta. Brutal scheduling. If the Mets take 2 out of 3 in Atlanta, I think it would be more shocking than what happened this weekend in Philly.

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