Thursday, April 26, 2012

David Wright is the Franchise

You can love him. You can careless about him. You can wish for him to be traded. You can even boast that he should have been traded years ago when he was worth more. But you can't deny that David Wright is the new franchise player for the New York Mets.

Some would say he already was, but last night he cemented his status as one of the most memorable Mets of all time. David Wright passed Darryl Strawberry as the Mets all-time RBI leader which is sure to be the first of many records that Wright will break. By the time Wright's career is over he could very well own almost every Mets batting record.

Wright is now untradeable. You can't do it. He's your lone star player and he's just etched himself into the team record books. He's the only legitimate All Star the Mets have and he's the most marketable player the team has had in the last two decades.

Think about it. Wright hasn't done anything wrong. He's had one down year in his tenure and while his power numbers have been up and down his RBI totals, batting average and productivity at the plate has been relatively consistent. The only issue is his fielding is often suspect at times.

Off the field, Wright is citizen of the year. No issues with the law. No drugs. No DUI's. No drama. He's an all-American type of guy who is off to one of the best starts of his career.

Should he have been traded years ago? Maybe. Is he the best player in baseball? No. Is he a future hall of famer? Probably not. But forget all that. David Wright is a guy you want on your team. He's become a real leader when just a few  years ago we questioned his authority in the clubhouse. He's made it known that he wants to be a lifelong Met even when he saw this off season how the chances of winning a championship in the near future was unlikely.

It's time for Mets fans to stop looking at David Wright for what is not, and start appreciating him for what he has done and who he is. David Wright is the franchise whether you like it or not.

And by the time his career is done, Wright will be passing the likes of Piazza, Hernandez, and Strawberry on his way to the top of the Mets record books.

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