Monday, April 23, 2012

Still Suspect of Mike Pelfrey

Saturday was a torturous game. Pelfrey pitched masterfully and in typical BLOWpen fashion, the Mets somehow screwed it up but were lucky enough to walk away with a win. Only the Boston Red Sox had a worse day on Saturday.

After Saturday's game, there was a ton of talk about how Pelfrey needed to come out feeling good about himself and how it's a shame Pelfrey didn't get the win because of how he pitched. I say it's time to stop coddling Pelfrey.

Pelfrey can look to his right and talk to Johan Santana about what it's like to pitch an unbelievable game only to not get credit for it. This is one start for Pelfrey out of probably his last 20 starts where he was in total control for the 8 innings he pitched. This should be the norm for Pelfrey but it's not. It's a rarity.

People talk about how Pelfrey has looked good so far this season but I'm not buying it. 3 games does not a pitcher make. What we need is consistency. I want 10 starts of 6 innings plus. I need to see Pelfrey prove he can get out of a jam without crumbling on the mound looking for something to lick.

It's time for Pelfrey to be challenged and rise to the occasion. I hope he's on track for another 15 win season but let's not laud his return to prominence in April.

If he was truly a pitcher with command who demands our respect, Collins would have sent him back out for the 9th inning. Instead, the manager knew he couldn't risk a mental meltdown by Pelfrey should he give up a few runs so he pulled him. That's the sign of a pitcher who still has work to do.

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