Friday, April 13, 2012

Is Too Much Being Made of this Series with the Phils?

It's April. The Mets have started off relatively strong although they've lost their last two. Unexpected success has fallen upon the Mets in April which is a rough month schedule wise so early wins are extremely important.

In the grand scheme of things is this series with the Phillies important? Yes. Here's why: a win is a win whether it happens in April, July or September. In fact more wins in April puts you in a better position come the dog days of summer.

On top of that, the good will and positive feeling fans have for this team could quickly turn to apathy and disappointment should the Mets fold like a warm tortilla this weekend at Citizens Bank Park.

David Wright is still out at least for Friday's game. Bay is still Bay. And Santana won't be pitching this series so the outlook isn't ideal. The good news is we won't face Doc Halladay, but Lee kicks things off tonight.

I'm not about to say the season is over should the Mets get swept, but rather the warm, fuzzy reaction to this young team that we enjoyed opening weekend will quickly fade should the team fall flat in Philly. A win on Friday night could be just what the Mets need to stave off an early uprising.

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