Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opening Day for the Mets is a Welcome Event

Baseball is back and the day that it returns is one for Mets fans to rejoice. Since 1970 the Mets have won 32 of 41 Opening Day games. That's a pretty incredible record for Opening Day and in a season full of question marks the ability to start the season with a win is a welcomed thought.

April is a long, brutal month for the Mets as they are scheduled to play most of their NL rivals in the first two weeks along with NL contenders. It could get ugly very quickly for this young ball club.

We'll have plenty of opportunity to armchair quarterback, second guess management and wish for better days.but for now hope, opportunity and the pure enjoyment of baseball games being played every day are the things we should be enjoying.

Forget Jason Bays' ineptitude, dismiss memories of injuries and ignore any conversation of Madoff or the Wilpons. It's Opening Day Mets fans. Let's enjoy it for the spectacle that is and what it represents for the game that we love.

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