Monday, April 9, 2012

A Typical and Untypical Opening Mets Weekend

The Mets have completed their first series of the season and have done so in both a typical and untypical fashion. What do I mean? Take a look:

Typical: Santana gets minimal run support while pitching masterfully.
Untypical: Bullpen holds a 1-0 lead including a 1-2-3 9th inning.

Typical: Jason Bay stinks.
Untypical: Jason Bay actually got an RBI.

Typical: Mets find a way to turn an almost no-hitter into a 4 run inning and threaten losing the game.
Untypical: Bullpen holds for a 3rd straight day.

Typical: David Wright is on a hot streak.
Untypical: Ruben Tejada has a 4 hit day and makes Mets fans wonder who played SS last season.

Typical: Mets starting pitching gives up multiple homers during the series.
Untypical: Mets hit more homes at Citi Field than opponent.

Typical: Mets bring in closer during close games.
Untypical: Francisco, who was atrocious during spring training, looks more like Rivera than Rivera on opening weekend.

Typical: Daniel Murphy is hitting.
Untypical: Lucas Duda is crushing.

Typical: Mets win opening day.
Untypical: Mets sweep the Braves.

It's only April, but no team needed a good start like the Mets. It puts fans in the seats, exceeds expectations and gives confidence to a young squad. Possibly the most impressive performance for me was not that Niese through 6 no-hit innings, but Bobby Parnell pitching really well in the game on Saturday.

The bullpen being consistent will be a huge asset this year as long as the starting pitching can keep the run totals at or below 3. The Mets will hit this year, but pitching will make or break their success.

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