Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All Mets Fans Want is a Consistent Jason Bay

Can I get a clear answer on this one? Is Jason Bay the awful player we know and hate from the last few seasons? Or is he just a marginal player that can do some good things once and a while? I actually am resolved to the fact that he's a bad investment and won't produce, but at the very least I want...no, I need...Jason Bay to be consistent.

Bay has more ups and downs than Alec Baldwin. Against Philly he hits a home run in the first inning to give the Mets a 3-0 lead, but then a few innings later with the bases loaded he grounds into a double play. Last night, he looks like he can't get a hit in a backyard game of wiffle ball and then he pounds another home run just after he robs a home run.

We know what we get from David Wright. He'll be on a streak for 3 weeks and then won't get a hit for 2 weeks only to follow that with another hot streak. Why can't we get any consistency from Jason Bay? It's baffling.

Currently, he has more home runs than he had through the middle of May last year, but his hitting isn't exactly a strong point in the lineup. The only consistent element Bay brings is his defense. While the Mets have question marks throughout their defense, Bay is the one guy who you know will the ball correctly and give you a solid outing in the field.

However, I would gladly trade an error or two in the field for a few more RBI's from Bay in the middle of that Mets lineup. I don't think we'll see a consistent Bay, but there will be a consistent outcry from Mets fandom should we suffer through yet another torturous year of Bay's offensive ineptness.

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bvcxfdzb said...

I hope he turns out consistent but who knows. I need him consistent too or these season tickets I got off FrontRowKing.com wont be worth much