Friday, April 2, 2010

Mets Fans Have a Right to be Negative

Have you ever been to a restaurant and really enjoyed your food, the ambiance, etc.? Then you go back a few times and still really like it. But then there's a few times where they just really let you down. The food was bad, you waited too long, or maybe you got sick afterward. You still go back there because it's one of your favorite places, but then it seems like every time you go you're disappointed. Bad food, bad service, the place isn't as clean as it used to.

So you stop going. You complain about the place to management, to your friends and colleagues. You complain about it more than  you normally would because this used to be a great place to hang out and enjoy yourself. Now it's a dump.

We all can agree that you have a right to complain about a restaurant, but there are a number of Mets fans out there who are getting all uppity (yes, uppity) about Mets fans being negative about the 2010 Mets team.

With what has happened since the 206 season, we have every right to have a negative outlook. We're still fans, but until this team proves their on the right track we're going to complain so that our voices are heard and things can head in the right direction. Just like you wouldn't go back to that restaurant unless you heard it was under new management or hired a new chef.

The last few weeks I can feel my attitude changing. Call it spring fever if you want but I'm excited about baseball again.However, I'm not going to bicker about Mets fans who aren't excited yet or don't have a positive outlook. They have every right to be negative if they're paying $400 for a family of four to go enjoy a ball game and have to suffer through an Oliver Perez start, and Alex Cora as the starting shortstop.

The negativity should be allowed for a while. If it becomes all that a Mets fan talks about they're probably not a real fan, but let the people get their frustration out. Perhaps this team will surprise us and be competitive for a while. Who knows? But the whining about the whining is getting annoying.

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