Friday, April 23, 2010

Things to Dislike About Ike Davis

Everybody's talking about Ike Davis. Oh, he's so wonderful. Ah, he's so talented. Ooh, can he sign my shoes?

It's time for a little reality check before we got all hot and bothered about Mr. Davis. So to keep things real here's a list of all the things to dislike about Ike Davis:

  1. His sideburns (Dylan McKay called and would like them back)
  2. His number (#29? What are you a backup QB?)
  3. He's better looking than you are
  4. He's more talented than you are
  5. He strikes out (Who does he think he is striking out? David Wright?)
  6. His name is Ike (A stale chewy candy)
  7. He appears to be clean cut (ahem, Tiger Woods was once thought to be that too)
  8. He had Mike Jacobs fired (Sure, Mr. Nice Guy)
  9. He made you forget about Daniel Murphy (Remember him? Remember those Pete Rose comparisons?)
Yeah, Ike Davis. I like him a lot.

1 comment:

New York Mets Blogger said...

your right, i dont like the name ike. and daniel who?