Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Mets Opening Day Lineup

According to SNY's Kevin Burkhardt, the opening day lineup for the Mets will be as follows:

1. Alex Cora - SS
2. Luis Castillo - 2B
3. David Wright - 3B
4. Mike Jacobs - 1B
5. Jason Bay - LF
6. Gary Matthews, Jr. - CF
7. Jeff Franceour - RF
8. Rod Barajas - C
9. Johan Santana - P

Yes, it's a formidable lineup if you're the Royals but not exactly the one Mets fans wanted to see. Even with the players that are on the DL I'm baffled at just how bad this lineup is. There are ways to improve this lineup even with players the Mets already have on their bench.

I don't get why this isn't the real lineup:
1. Angel Pagan - CF
2. Luis Castillo - 2B
3. David Wright - 3B
4. Jason Bay - LF
5. Mike Jacobs - 1B
6. Jeff Franceour - RF
7. Rod Barajas - C
8. Alex Cora - SS
9. Johan Santana - P

I think Angel Pagan has done enough to deserve the opening day start and batting Cora leadoff is just absurd. At least with Pagan, or even Matthews for that matter, you have the potential for some early game doubles or triples.

Matt Cerrone at made an assessment which I also uphold and that is why on earth or you giving Jacobs the potential for more at bats than Jason Bay? Sure Bay batted fifth with Boston but he is a more than capable clean up hitter who definitely deserves more AB's than a guy who probably shouldn't have even made the team.

It is what it is though and maybe I'm over thinking things. I'm anxious for the season to start though and see if Bay's and Wright's spring performance are sign of things to come.

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Unknown said...

I still don't get why Castillo isn't the leadoff hitter. Even when Reyes returns. Castillo hits singles, get's on base, has some speed and a pretty good OBP. Reyes can drive in runs!

other than that...i agree!

Oh, and why start the clock on Tejada so he can grace our bench with his presence for a week....hello....McFly....anybody home?

And don't get me started on Mejia in the bullpen. be used in non-pressure situations. But then, i didn't see him yesterday.

On a positive note....We won, it was a great day and a great game.