Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Kids Come Through

Baseball is so much more fun when you win, but last night's Mets game was even more fun as you got to watch two of the Mets young prospects perform at a high level.

Jon Niese pitched a great game yesterday. He gave up a ton of hits, but the beauty of it is he got out of the jam every time. Niese was pitching Derek Lee like he owned him. Jamming him inside with the fastball. Then throwing the off speed pitch outside. The way he was changing velocity and location was textbook pitching. Something we rarely see as Mets fans.

Then of course, there's Ike Davis. I honestly thought the guy would go 0 for 4 because of all the hype and anticipation around his arrival. But he showed that he can deal with pressure. He packaged a couple of hits with a nice RBI and made everyone watching forget that there's this guy Daniel Murphy who's supposed to be starting at first base.

This is what the Mets have been missing. Some energy around some young guys and being able to watch them play. Citi Field looked rather empty last night, but if these young guys continue to perform well (even if the Mets don't win) you'll see more fans wanting to come to the ballpark.

Picture: NY Daily News/Antonelli

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New York Mets Blogger said...

its about time ike davis got called up.