Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mets Fans Can Feel Good for One Day

Let me start this off by saying it's just one game. It's one game in a very long season, but even so it feels great to have an Opening Day win.

The Mets broke the curse of Josh Johnson yesterday by handing him and the Marlins a 7-1 thumping for the Mets 5th straight win on Opening Day. After reading Bill Madden's apocalyptic preview of the Mets season the day before and hearing countless chatter about what a drag the 2010 season will be it was nice to have that first game of the year be such an enjoyable one.

The Mets got a fantastic performance from Johan Santana (as per usual). David Wright exorcised the power demons from 2009 cranking a home run in his first at bat of the  year. Jason Bay looked good. Even, Gary Matthews had a couple of hits.

So while we have no certainty of what's to come for this team, Mets fans can enjoy a great start to the season and the fact that baseball is back.

Let's go Mets!

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hud said...

I just checked out Mitchell Karasik pre season report on the Mets, he discuses 5 Key Points the New York Mets need to address. Over all i thought it was good. just wanted to share.
Im really looking forward to this season