Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things Not Heard at the Mets vs Cards Game Last Night

"Johan Santana looks good."

"Jeff Francoeur gets better at the plate in extra innings."

"At least, the Cardinals didn't score 7 runs in the first inning."

"Pedro Feliciano has amazing command."

"I'm glad to see the Mets walk Jay to pitch to Pujols."

"Jerry Manuel is a master of substitution."

"Can't wait to see if Oliver Perez gets to pitch."

"Castillo has fresh legs tonight."

"We sure could use Jason Bay in this spot."

"How could you not love Yadier Molina?"

"I wish McCarver and Buck were calling this game."

"Smart move. Let's take our chances pitching to Pujols with the winning run on third."

"I'm happy to see the Mets fight back even though they lost."

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