Thursday, July 8, 2010

Impressive Start End in Disappointing Loss

Jon Niese is becoming more valuable a starter to the Mets every time he goes out there. Too bad he had to lose yesterday. Niese pitched a terrific game from a statistical standpoint. He went 7 and 2/3 innings. Struckout 8. Walked only 1. And limited his pitch count. But he did give up 3 runs which was enough for Mets villain, Bronson Arroyo, to notch the win.

It was an odd game to watch as the Mets just couldn't do anything at the plate. The game was moving so quickly that only an hour and a half after the start you were already in the 7th inning.

In the 9th with the Mets down 3-1, Ike Davis was on second with Ruben Tejada on first. Alex Cora was allowed to bat even though the Mets had Frenchie and Barajas as power bats on the bench. Not the worst move that Jerry Manuel has made but I still question why on earth he didn't bat for Cora. There were 2 outs and he had Frenchie in the on deck circle.

I understand the lefty/right matchup, but at that point Cora isn't exactly the power bat who can drive in both runs, nor has he been a clutch hitter. I would have much rather seen Barajas up there and take a chance on him ending the game with one swing.

Nevertheless, the Mets lost their first series at home in what feels like months. The Reds aren't exactly a scary team, but the long ball is how they win games and Mets pitchers gave up plenty this series. And so the first place Braves roll into town with a 3 game leads on the Mets.

Let's see what this team is made of and if they can make up any ground before heading into the All Star break.

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