Monday, July 12, 2010

Dark Cloud or Sunny Outlook for the Mets?

Welcome to the All Star break. Last year at this time the Mets were on a roll winning 8 straight heading into the All Star game. This year the Mets limp into the break (both literally and figuratively) but find themselves only 4 games out of the top spot in the NL East.

I want to be positive about this team's performance so far, but part of me is waiting for the dark cloud to settle in. 2010 has been a surprise for me based on the moves the Mets did or didn't make during the off season, the fact that two starting pitchers have done absolutely nothing this year, and Jason Bay looks like Jeromy Burnitz at the plate.

So there are two sides to the Mets outlook for the future. Let's take a look at the top issues from both perspectives.

Starting Pitching
Sunny Outlook: Dickey has become a legit #4 starter. Niese is fantastic. Santana is a second half guy. Perez is banished to the minors.

Dark Cloud: Pelfrey is plummeting. Mets missed out on Cliff Lee. No way Dickey can sustain this level of play. Omar is going to bring up Perez if Dickey falters.

Jason Bay
Sunny Outlook: His second half can't get any worse than the first half!
Dark Cloud: He's this year's David Wright of 2009.

NL East Standings
Sunny Outlook: Mets are only 4 games back. Phils are hurt. Atlanta can't be this dominant all season.
Dark Cloud: 11 game West coast road trip to start the second half will bury the Mets.

Carlos Beltran
Sunny Outlook: Beltran is back this week!
Dark Cloud: Beltran won't return to be the Beltran of yesteryear, and he'll cause issues with Pagan and Francoeur platooning.

Jose Reyes
Sunny Outlook: Reyes has been the comeback player of the year so far.
Dark Cloud: Reyes' injury will hamper him for the next month or so.

Sunny Outlook: We have K-Rod.
Dark Cloud: We have Pray Rod.