Thursday, July 1, 2010

For David Wright It's June 31st

I lost faith in David Wright. During the offseason after last year's dismal performance I was down on the guy. I thought the Wright we saw in 2006 would never return, but this June my faith has been restored.

David Wright is proving to be the talent we all thought he was before the dark cloud of 2009 rolled in and blurred our vision. In the month of June, Wright has been unstoppable raising his average over .310 and setting a personal best for RBIs in a month while leading the National League in RBIs. and tied for 6th in average.

But today is July 1st. June has been so fantastic for Wright that he should just throw his calendar out. On the one hand this will let us see if the Wright of June is here to stay. On the other a serious drop in production in July could send Wright back into his "2 weeks on/2 weeks off" funk that we've seen over the past two seasons.

This team is much more enjoyable too watch when David Wright is at his best. Not to mention they tend to win a whole lot more games too.

So welcome Mr. Wright to June 31st.

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