Thursday, July 29, 2010

Revenge Should Be on Mets Minds

Last night's tragic affair is almost too soon forgotten thanks to the RA Dickey led Mets win over the Cardinals.It's nice to see this team bounce back quickly from a punch in the gut, but it's easier to do that when your starting pitcher throws 8+ scoreless innings for you.

The Mets got their revenge on the Cardinals this afternoon, but that cold dish now needs to be served up to the Arizona Diamondbacks. The DBacks thoroughly embarrassed the Mets the other week by sweeping the three game series. If ever the Mets needed a three game sweep, the DBacks series is just the moment as the Mets will then have to travel to Atlanta and Philly the following week.

The Mets should not even pitch to Mark Reynolds this series. The guy sends balls into LaGuardia air space every time he comes to Citi Field. Hit him in the shin and don't even give him the chance to make you pay.

The thing that concerns me is that the Mets have scored 19 runs their last three games. That means their due for a drought. In any case the Mets need to scrap together three more consecutive wins. A 2-1 series win is almost pointless at this point.

It's now or never because next week's NL East battles will determine the direction for the rest of the Mets season or usher in thoughts of fantasy football draft status.

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