Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Phillies, Please Trade Jayson Werth

Now that LeBron-gate is over and it appears Cliff Lee is ending up with the Yankees (surprise!), it's time to turn our attention to other notable trade rumors.

The wildest one this morning is word that the Phillies are looking to trade Jayson Werth for pitching help. In fact details are even being released that the Phils are willing to trade Werth to the Yankees for Javier Vasquez.

Yes, Phillies. Please trade Jayson Werth.

Honestly, I like Jayson Werth as a player and would just love it if the Mets were able to get him as a free agent. Sure getting Vazquez would give the Phils a really solid starting rotation, but for the better part of the season that Phillies lineup is no longer frightening.

Utley is out for over a month. Polanco is out. Werth will be gone. That leaves Howard as the lone scary bat in what was once a murderer's row in the 3-5 spots in the order.

The rotation of Hamels, Vazquez and Halladay might be slightly better than Santana, Pelfrey and maybe Oswalt/Lilly, but it's not enough in my estimation to make it worthwhile to trade Jayson Werth. But by all means Philadelphia, make the trade.


Jeromy said...

The problem with your logic is that the reason the Phillies want to get rid of Werth is because Dominic Brown - who is quickly becoming the best prospect in the minor leagues right now - is tearing up AAA and is ready to play RF immediately. And the Phils need his energy and high ceiling to break out of their funk. Careful what you wish for.

dave said...

It's not a problem with my logic. It's a difference of opinion. My logic is that trading Werth makes the Phillies less formidable even with the addition of Vazquez.

You're comment is something I overlooked but I still think Werth is a perennial All Star in the making and has already proven he can hit at the big league level.

Jeromy said...
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Jeromy said...

Fair enough. Jayson Werth is a nice OF but...imo...he's not a perennial all star. He's had one really good full year and also has benefited from hitting in a lineup where Utley/Howard would get on base and people had to pitch to him. As for weakening the Phillies lineup or making them less formidable - most Philadelphia fans and scouts who have seen him - think Dominic Brown is a legit #3 hitter in a big league lineup - RIGHT NOW. In the Jason Heyward mold. We shall see.