Friday, February 8, 2008

The Best Subtractions of the Mets Offseason

Lots of teams improve their rosters by adding new players, but the Mets have made a few moves to eliminate people from their team that has actually had more of an impact than adding some players.

Here's a list of the top people that the Mets have let go this offseason that will greatly improve the team:

1. Guillermo Mota - This is a no brainer. Mota was horrendous throughout most of 2007. It seemed like every time he came in there were at least 2 runs to be given up. Sure the Mets unloaded him for Johnny Estrada whom the Mets quickly dumped, but Mota's removal from the roster prevents Willie Randolph from being tempted to put him in close games. For some reason I have a feeling we'll see Mota ditch pitching and try and become an outfielder. Just a hunch.

2. Rickey Henderson - The king of stolen bases will no longer be able to mold the minds of Mets players. Henderson, while possibly the games best leadoff hitter of all time, was not the type of role model you want influencing young players. There are rumors that he got some of the young guys, like Carlos Gomez, involved in some serious gambling debt, and we all know about his lack of work ethic. While Omar Minaya loves him, Henderson's removal will remove a negative influence that I believe he had on Jose Reyes and some of the younger players.

3. Philip Humber - The trade of Humber means more in the sense that it brought Johan Santana to the Mets, but it also prevents us Mets fans and Mets brass from getting to caught up in the idea of Humber rather than his actual talents. Humber was lauded as a top notch pitching prospect that Mets fans wanted to see pitch at the major league level. The Mets have a tendency to rush pitchers along and then get disappointed in their performance mainly because they can't handle the pressure and expectations from playing in New York. Humber was doomed to follow in the footsteps of Bill Pulsipher in there being too much expected of him too early. He's better off in Minnesota with some chance to grow, and the Mets can focus on molding Mike Pelfrey into the pitcher we know he can be.

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bryan said...

dumping mota was almost as miraculous as getting santana. someone actually wanted mota...are you kidding me?