Monday, February 4, 2008

Best Week Ever?

Could this be the best week ever? Here's the list of accomplishments this week that might make this my best week ever:

  1. Mets sign Johan Santana
  2. Giants win the Super Bowl
  3. Eli Manning now can officially rub his MVP trophy in Tiki Barber's face
  4. Just won two Starbucks gift cards
  5. Great episode of Friday Night Lights
  6. My son has just become enamored with Star Wars and video games
  7. Got an email from Jeffrey Lyons commenting on Mets Lifer
The only way there's a better week is when the Mets win the World Series. But if history repeats itself in '86, when the Giants win the Super Bowl & the Mets won the World Series, we could be celebrating again in October.

Let's hope so.

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