Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Have You Forgotten the Mets Collapse?

This has been an amazing week.

Johan Santana has joined the Mets as the dominant ace pitcher the Mets have needed for so long. Between that excitement and the fact that the New York Giants just won the Super Bowl in such amazing fashion has lifted the burden of the 2007 Mets collapse off my shoulders.

Honestly, I haven't thought about it. The Giants win and the Santana signing basically erased that depression.

But is that ok? Should I continue to hold this burden until the Mets have redeemed themselves? In my opinion absolutely not. But there are some people who should. Namely those men who will be on the 2008 Mets roster.

As a fan we should be able to get over the 2007 collapse. I'm sure our Yankee fan acquaintances will remind us of it from time to time, but I want this year's Mets team to carry it like a chip on their shoulder. It should be a motivator as well as quest for redemption on this year's team.

While we have the pieces in place to make another run, it will all depend on how this team can close in August & September. I know David Wright won't forget. Let's hope the other players follow suit.