Monday, February 11, 2008

Top 10 Mets Prospects has come out with their annual list of Mets top prospects.

I'll give you two guesses as to who's #1 on the list. After looking at the top 10 outside of Fernando Martinez, there's not a lot of guys that we'll see in the majors any time soon.

According to here's the top Mets prospects:

#1 Fernando Martinez
(AA) 60G .271, 11(2B), 1(3B), 4HR, 21RBI, 20BB, 51K, 3SB
(Rk) 3G .111, 1(3B), 1RBI, 1BB, 6K

#2 Eddie Kunz
(Short-A) 0-1, 6.75ERA, 12IP, 8BB, 9K, .190BAA

#3 Jonathan Niese
(High-A) 11-7, 4.29ERA, 134.1IP, 31BB, 110K, .285BAA

#4 Brant Rustich
(Short-A) 2-0, 2SAVE, 2.13ERA, 12.2IP, 1BB, 11K, .095BAA
(Rk) 1-0, 0.87ERA, 10.1IP, 1BB, 10K, .158BAA

#5 Nathan Vineyard
(Rk) 0-3, 5.27ERA, 27.1IP, 9BB, 33K, .265BAA

Click here to view the top 10.

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