Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beltran is Making Guarantees?

The man who is never "100%" stepped out and called the Mets the "team to beat" in the NL East this year.

What is in the drinking water in Port St. Lucie? Has everyone gone mad?

Beltran who is for the most part a very quiet and laid back guy made this extremely abnormal comment on Friday. I guess Santana is lighting a fire in his teammates just as us Mets Lifers. Think about it for a second. All of Mets fandom was psyched about the potential of getting Santana, and then elated when we finally signed him.

Why shouldn't the Mets players feel the same way?

I guess it's only natural, but I do hate guarantees in sports. It just sets yourself up for a major disappointment. Even if you do come through on your guarantee nobody remembers it because you're suppose to win. Now if the Royals came out and said they were the team to beat and then they won the American League pennant, that would be remembered.

The Mets need to win the NL East. They need to win in the playoffs as well. Anything less is pretty much unacceptable. So it really makes Beltran's guarantee seem that much more insignificant.

We expect to win. We have to win.


Super Johan said...

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The Adjunct Professor said...

I have to disagree with you about Beltran's comment (with all do respect). I think the Mets need to have an arrogance about them and go in with the attitude that they expect to be the team that others need to beat, that they are expecting great things from themselves.

I wrote about this on my blog and I feel the Mets have a cockiness an an attitude that has not been seen in quite some time. The fact that it was quiet Carlos Beltran who said it is the icing on the cake.

Just one man's opinions.

Scott McLean said...

Beltran is a great player! But he needs to let his bat do the talking. Obviously, the Mets must play good baseball in September, which means not getting too puffed up or boastful when and if they get a huge lead in their division. Also as we are well aware, the health of pitchers going into the playoffs is essential if they want to win the World Series. But they shouldn't assume anything, only that they have just about all the pieces to win a championship.

I like your blog a lot. It's very well written and informative. Take care.