Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Santana First, Haren Second

A lot of people are talking about how the Mets should go after Dan Haren of the A's instead of Johan Santana. They offer some good reasons including the fact that Haren will take less prospects to get and is locked up until 2010 in a reasonable contract. With Santana it will take 4-5 top prospects and a $150 million dollar contract. Both pitchers are aces and reasonably aged with Haren at 27 and Santana at 29.

To that argument I say, who would you want on the mound in game 7 of the World Series? If you answer Haren, you're on crack. You know you want Santana.

The Mets have the rarest of rare opportunities to get THE best pitcher in baseball. Period. When's the last time the Mets had the best pitcher in baseball? Hmmmm. 1986, Doc Gooden. It's been over 20 years, and the Mets in that time frame have often settled for second best (or third, fourth or sixteenth best).

Where has that gotten us? No championships. One World Series. And a few playoff births.

The Mets need to start thinking championships. We have the blue chip prospects to offer without depleting our entire arsenal. We have the money to offer Santana a big contract. And we're opening up a new stadium in a year with a potential Cy Young champ from the year before pitching opening day.

I do like Haren, a lot. And he can start for me on any day, but there's no way I'm choosing him over Santana. To those who say, "But the Yankees are already talking to Santana. We're doomed!" I reply, "Remember Carlos Beltran." The Yanks were supposed to sign Beltran. It was all but done, until Omar swooped in and picked him off.

I expect and trust that Omar will do the same here. Go get Santana. If he doesn't want to come, fine we'll go get Haren. But let's not settle for a porterhouse, when a perfectly good filet mignon is right within our reach.

Breakout the platinum American Express. Let's get the best pitcher in baseball in orange and blue.


John Young said...

It’s not a question of who do you want on the mound. It’s a question of who can the Mets get?

Santana is going to have the Dodgers, Red Sox and Yankees after him and they offer a lot more higher ceiling players than the Mets do. Especially in the pitching department. The Mets just can’t compete with those teams in terms of prospects.

The A’s have always been fond of Milledge and Heilman, so the logical choice would be to stop with the nonsense and just go after Haren.

That’s why a lot of fans are saying forget about Santana and go for Haren.

dave said...

I see your point John, but I believe the Mets absolutely have the players to offer the Twins to be in the running for Santana. The Twins may ultimately choose another team, but the Mets should still go guns blazing after him.

A lot of people, including Buster Olney, are suggesting the Mets pack their bags and move on from Santana and focus on Haren. That's what I disagree with.

John Young said...

Does Pelfrey have the same upside as Hugh’s?

Does Milledge have the same upside as Loney?

Plus the Red Sox trump everyone with Jacoby Ellsbury and John Lester. I just can’s see the Mets getting an edge in on this war

They shouldn’t just pack up. They have to keep an ear on the door if things fall apart with everyone else.

Check this out. Mets Geek has an interesting idea that is probably the best one I’ve seen so far.


dave said...

I agree that other teams may have more to offer than the Mets, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will offer or are willing to offer those prospects. From what I hear the Yanks are unwilling to part with Hughes. And Lester & Elsbury are untouchable for the Red Sox. So right there that evens the playing field quite a bit.

Mets Geek's trade offer is interesting. Hamilton is good. I'd actually rather give up Pelfrey than Gomez. Only time will tell.