Friday, November 9, 2007

Gammons: Wright Shouldn't Move for A-Rod

Peter Gammons in his blog for discusses why David Wright should not switch positions to accommodate A-Rod. He states that the Mets are treating Wright "as if he's Damion Easley" by asking him to switch positions.

Gammons makes a case for Wright by stating how he's a gold glove 3rd baseman (which is just shocking to me), the fact that he's never played another position, and his role as a leader on the Mets gives him the right to stay at his native position.

But possibly the most surprising evidence Gammons gives is when he compares A-Rod to Wright at age 24. Unbeknown to me David Wright actually outperforms A-Rod in every major category except for slugging and home run totals which are not far behind.

I'm a huge David Wright fan. He's taken the place of Mike Piazza as my favorite Met (I still love you Mike), but after reading Gammons' post I found myself ashamed at wanting Wright to move. Gammons talks about Wright's character and his willingness to shoulder the blame for the Mets collapse and I asked myself if this is something we'd find in A-Rod.

Absolutely not. So let's value the man we have at third base. I still want A-Rod. Don't get me wrong. But I'm sure he'd be pretty good at first base.

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John Peterson said...

Absolutely not?

Uhh, didn't A-Rod change positions for Captain Intangibles without a complaint?