Thursday, November 29, 2007

Are the Mets Too Desperate?

Does anyone else feel that sensation in their hands? It's the feeling of Johan Santana slipping away.
Do you hear laughing in the distance? Yup, that's Billy Beane chuckling at the fact that he now has the upper hand.

I'm getting the feeling that Omar & the Mets are getting desperate to do something before it's too late. Believe me, I'm first in line to sign Johan Santana, but not if it's going to cost us Jose Reyes. I'm right there wanting to get a Dan Haren or Erik Badard, but I've got this feeling that the Mets are proving themselves to be too desperate to sign a #1 pitcher.

The real problem is we are desperate. Let's say the Mets don't sign a top notch pitcher and sign some middle of the road guy like my least favorite rumored pitcher, Livan Hernandez. Let's say they sign two middle of the road guys. We'll throw in Freddy Garcia. So your starting rotation is Pedro, Maine, Livan, Garcia, Perez. Ok, not bad.

But what happens when Pedro misses a month due to injury. El Duque you say? Sure, as long as he's healthy. Guys like Garcia & Livan aren't exactly spring chickens with electric stuff either.

But is this rotation an improvement from last year? Are we going to have the same issues as we've had the past two seasons? Sure this rotation with our solid lineup might be enough to get us back to the playoffs but is it enough to put us over the top?

Every GM is starting to catch on to this and they know Omar likes to pull the trigger on the big deal. I'm ok with giving up prospects and some every day players for a #1 type of pitcher, but if it's going to take some franchise players like Reyes to do it, that's not a move we should make.

I've heard the Mets say that Reyes, Wright and Beltran are not on the table, but I'm a little scared that Omar might be too desperate to make a move.

GMs know that the Mets NEED a starting pitcher so they're talk about what players it will take to get their pitchers may be tainted to try and push the Mets hand.

In Omar we trust. We don't have another choice. Get the job done. And please don't bring in Livan Hernandez.

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