Thursday, November 1, 2007

Roy Oswalt for Jose Reyes

Rumors, rumors, rumors. That's what the hot stove season is for, and we as fans love it. This latest rumor though has me a little disappointed.

Late yesterday afternoon, a rumor was start that the Mets might look to trade Jose Reyes to the Astros for Roy Oswalt. Now any of you that have read this blog previously know of my blogging partner's and my infatuation with Roy Oswalt in a Mets uniform. He struggled early this past season, but Oswalt is possibly the most consistent pitcher in the major leagues over the past 5 years.

Even so, I don't want to give up Jose Reyes. For Johann Santana? Maybe. I just think Reyes is too special of a player to give up at this point. He's that marquee lead off batter that is too hard to find and that the Mets have lacked for so long.

Still the chance to get Oswalt is huge and shows that Omar and the Mets brass know they need to make some big moves this offseason. I like that thinking, but let's not give up on Reyes yet.


Rickey Henderson said...

Any talk about the Mets trading the fastest man in Major League Baseball makes Rickey a little nervous. No way the Mets are that dumb. They shouldn't deal Reyes for Santana either.

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