Friday, November 30, 2007

2008 Mets Lineup if the Season Started Today

Here's what the potential 2008 Mets lineup would look like if the season started today:

1. Jose Reyes - SS
2. Luis Castillo - 2B
3. David Wright - 3B
4. Carlos Beltran - CF
5. Moises Alou - LF
6. Carlos Delgado - 1B
7. Ryan Church - RF
8. Brian Schneider - C

Of course you're looking at a potential platoon at catcher between Castro/Schneider/Estrada. One of them will not make it to spring training in a Mets uniform if you ask me, but which one will be gone is still up for debate. I have a feeling Estrada is the man left out the cold, but I would have told you there's no way Lastings Milledge would be traded for Ryan Church and Brian Schneider yet here we are.

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Nicky Gunz said...

And it's funny how Johnny Estrada ends up on the Nationals now, along with a fresh-out-of surgery LoDuca. ....Somewhere, a goalie mask is being airbrushed with the Mets logo. With Santana, there's no National League competition left.