Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why Do the Mets Hate Chris Schwinden?

I feel bad for Chris Schwinden. He's been awful. Terrible. Horrendous. Atrocious. And about 100 other adjectives. So why do the Mets insist on trotting him out to the mound again and again.

If his first few stints as a starting pitcher were any evidence, even to a blind man, it's that Schwinden is not major league ready. He might never be, but then again maybe he will someday. So why do the Mets send him down to the minors after being demolished as a starter only to bring him back up as a reliever where he'll be put in even worse situations? Makes no sense.

Now of course Schwinden is likely to be sent down again and deservedly so. But all the Mets have done with this young pitcher is completely crush his confidence and give him zero chance of success. Now that he has an ERA that's higher than the speed of his fastball, do you think the Mets will bring him up yet again? I certainly hope not.

Do you mean to tell me there was no other arm they could have brought up instead of Schwinden and allowed him to work on his pitches in the minors, possibly have some success and feel good about his future instead of thrusting him back into the eye of the storm just weeks after he completely crumbled? I don't believe it.

The Mets seem to like to mess with the heads of their minor leaguers every so often. Just ask Nick Evans.

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