Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Overlooked David Wright

Jordany Valdespin made a statement last night with his first major league at bat being a monstrous one to propel the Mets to an unexpected 5-2 win over the Phillies when Roy Halladay was the starter.

While Valdespin will get most of the attention today, don't overlook just how big David Wright has been playing. His game-tying 2-run double is what changed this game. Oh and did I mention he hit it off of Roy Halladay...with 2 outs.

David Wright has been uncharacteristically clutch. The 2011 Wright would have gotten down 0-2 and then struck out on a fastball low and away. The old Wright would have cowered in these types of moments, but not this year. Wright has provided nothing but stellar performance and has come through whenever the Mets have desperately needed him.

Through last night, Wright is still batting an unthinkable .374 with a .482 OBP. I expect these numbers to eventually dip a little, but Wrigth looks like a different man out there than what we've seen in the past.

Maybe it's maturity. Maybe it's the hitting coach. Or maybe it's just the Wright time.

In any case, Wright should not be overlooked. He's off to an amazing start and was the catalyst for a great win over the rival Phils.

Great win for the Mets and much needed as well as the Harbinger of Losing, Miguel Batista, unfortunately starts tonight.

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