Friday, May 18, 2012

The Many Names of David Wright

David Wright is now a seasoned veteran. Hard to believe as he still has the same boyish looks as when he joined the club during the Willie Randolph era. Throughout his time with the Mets, Wright has been called many things. He's been deemed Mr. Wrong, Failure, Over-hyped, Under-Performing, Trade Bait, and a Non-Leader.

Those names, whether just or unjust, are all part of being the face of the Mets. While Wright cut his teeth in the league surrounded by the likes of Beltran, Delgado, Reyes, Pedro, Glavine and Wagner, he was always the center of the Mets attention. It could have been the hype surrounding him as a minor leaguer who grew up watching the Mets. It could be that he's the perfect marketing figure the Mets have lacked for so long.

Whatever it is, the 2012 version of David Wright deserves a new name. He can be called Mr. Wright, All Star, Slugger, Mr. Clutch, The New Franchise, Roy Hobbs Jr., MVP, the Slender Slugger, Baby Face Assassin, Prince of NY, Hitman, Batman, or Fantasy Phenom.

Any of those titles will do, but the one that speaks the loudest to me is "leader." The media and Mets fans alike have been focused on how can Wright be a leader in the clubhouse. Can he step into that role? Is he the type of guy that can gain the respect of his players?

Any athlete can tell you that leadership has less to do with the verbal and more to do with the performance on the field. To that point, Wright is a four star general out there this season. With his bat. With his glove. With the way he goes about business.

He doesn't need a "C" on his jersey to show that he's the captain.


Farhan said...

I think more than anything, he deserves the "C" on his jersey. I think, as Gary Cohen said, if the mets and david are able to reach a long term agreement, that "C" will be on a new uniform.

David Marine said...

Thx for the comment. I completely agree about the C needing to be on his jersey and hopefully there is a long term contract in his fixture as he is proving his worth this year.