Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Home Stand with Implications

The Mets have played the majority of their games up to this point in the season away from  home. In fact they've played more away games than most any other team in the National League.  The amazing part is they currently sit 4 games above .500.

Think about that.

When I look at the Mets record I think about all the "almost wins" they've had where Francisco has blown the save or they tied up the game but couldn't take the lead late. There are at least 5 or 6 of those games so far that could have gone either way. Stop thinking about those games and think about this instead:

  • The Mets have started 4 guys consistently over the last 3 weeks that weren't in the opening day lineup.
  • They are playing without Thole & Tejada who were integral parts of the Mets great early start
  • Ike Davis is hitting below .200 and yet the team is still winning
  • RA Dickey is having a Cy Young year
  • The majority of their wins have come against NL East teams
The Mets are in very, very good shape considering all the factors. And so here comes an 11 game home stand with serious implications. The Mets face some decent teams and if they can take advantage of playing at home, we may just see the Mets make some serious headway in the standings and put themselves in solid position for the coming months. 

Just think about this: an 8-3 home stand would put the Mets 9 games over .500. We haven't seen that in years. The Padres are a team the Mets have to sweep as the Phils & Cards follow which will be competitive series. In the past there's been a lack of dominance at home. That needs to change not just for W's but to put people in the seats as well.

The Mets are in a very good place, but there's got to be a desire for me. And it starts at Citi Field tonight.

Let's go Mets!

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