Saturday, June 2, 2012

Only True Mets Fans Can Understand the Significance of this Moment

You can talk about the hit that should have been. You can boast about how your team has thrown multiple no hitters. You can be impressed at the pitching prowess of Johan Santana. But unless you're a true Mets fan, you can't appreciate just how special the no-hitter last night really was.

I received tweets, texts and messages from friends who are fans of the Yankees, Phillies, Red Sox, Brewers and a handful of other teams who all knew how excited I would be about Santana's no hitter but as I browsed my Twitter stream and Facebook feed to see other Mets fans reaction our feelings were all the same...amazement.

I honestly didn't think I'd see a no hitter in my lifetime. I certainly didn't expect it to come this season with low expectations and an uncertainty of what to expect from a Santana just coming off of surgery. If you look at last night's lineup it was littered with 8 left handed hitters and 6 of them from the Mets farm system. 2 of them were batting under .200. 1 of them just came off the DL.

Then you have Santana who's pitch count has been scrutinized more than the Dead Sea scrolls. You have Collins who was a manager no one expected or wanted. There are so many unexpected elements in place this season that to see a no hitter in this year of all years is simply surreal.

I've watched the highlights at least 15 times already and it's not old. I'm perusing every Mets blog imaginable and every post I'm reading is exactly the same although the words are different. The thread that connects us is not just that we're Mets fans, but we're appreciating the unexpectedness of this moment.

I watched this video from Andrew Vazzano of The Ropolitans and felt it could have been a video from any true Mets fan across the country. Enjoy this moment Mets Lifers. Appreciate it for what most Mets memorable moments are...amazing.


Gary Herman said...

My feeling on the hit that wasn't a hit in the 5th inning - Johan deserved a break! How many 1 - 0 games has he lost since he came to the Mets? How many games has he lost because the bullpen couldn't hold a lead for him?

Although I am a Yankees game - I'm happy for Johan and for Mets fans.

Enjoy Dave! For a DIEHARD Mets fan like yourself - you deserve a fun baseball evening like last night - :)

Farhan said...

Coming into this season I said to all my yankee fan friends that the mets are going to get a no hitter. I said it's going to happen this season. I said it's either going to be R.A. Dickey or Johan Santana. It was Santana. They're all telling me how Johan got lucky break after lucky break. Every no hitter has a secret. That ball down the line was ours. What happened happened, that's all. Blown calls are part of this game.

The no hitter made me go crazy. I wasn't at the stadium, I had my old Santana jersey on, and in the last 3 innings, I couldn't even sit except for when the mets were batting. My family couldn't quite understand my excitement, because they didn't realize how big of a deal a no hitter really was. You're absolutely right when you say only mets fans can understand. But let's change that a tiny bit, Only TRUE mets fans can understand.

David Marine said...

Gary, you are absolutely right about Santana deserving a break. I bet he would have at least 25 more wins on his record if it weren't for the meager offense and the atrocious bullpen that Mets have had during his tenure.

Farhan, I couldn't sit as well and of all the Mets pitchers I thought Dickey had the best shot because of the craziness of his knuckleball lately. You're right. Only TRUE Mets fans can understand. Thanks for the comments!