Friday, June 15, 2012

Not Breaking Bad for the Mets

The Mets may very well be the luckiest team in baseball so far this year. It feels odd saying that when I consider how many players have been on the DL and the amount of people in the starting lineup that have a sub .200 batting average but it's true.

For once, things are not breaking bad for the New York Mets.

They've had their stretches where they play poorly. Their defense is suspect. And the bullpen is schizophrenic. But whenever the Mets have been on the brink, just a loss or two away from spiraling downward, they come back in a major way.

This week's series with the Rays was just that. Losing 5 of 6 to the Nats & Yanks and then having to go on the road to face arguably the best starting rotation in baseball felt like the Mets were doomed. So what do they do? They score more runs in 3 games than Dickey has given up all year.

Not only that but they do it by hitting an amazing amount of home runs and some from the unlikeliest of sources: Jason Bay & Ike Davis. Sure the Mets couldn't beat the Astros earlier this year, but when you sweep the Tampa Bay Rays on the road you kind of forget about those low moment.

Add onto all this the sensational play of Captain Kirk, the productivity of whomever the Mets plugin at shortstop, the renaissance of R.A. Dickey and the consistency and leadership from David Wright and you have a true marriage of skill and a series of fortunate events.

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