Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Appreciating RA Dickey

I remember when the Mets called up R.A. Dickey a few years ago. I mocked that the best option the Mets had to fill a starting rotation hole was an aging pitcher who was banished to the minor leagues and forced to try a knuckle ball to save his career.

Since that point RA Dickey has done nothing but make me appreciate him. From his demeanor to his fastball to his Bugs Bunny knuckler to his consistency, R.A. Dickey is heaven sent.

Honestly he is. Without Dickey the Mets probably would have forced a young arm into the mix too early. They would certainly have fewer wins. And Santana would left alone on an island as being the one reliable option the Mets have as a starter.

Dickey is proving that it's never too late to change for the better. His life's story is a fantastic read if you haven't picked up his new book and if there ever was a player made for the NY media, it's Dickey.

The Mets should lock him up for a few more years and ride this amazing Dickey Train for as long as they can. No longer am I asking, "Is Santana pitching?" when headed to Citi Field. I'm hoping Dickey is on the mound so I can see the wonder that he has become.

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