Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Lead Is Ever Safe from the BLOWpen

Like a villain that always seems to come back from the dead, the Mets BLOWpen is always lurking to ruin any game. It's like the 8th and 9th inning have some curse on them where Mets pitchers are suddenly unable to get ordinary hitters out.

It's not like the Padres are stacked with explosive bats either. Jesus Guzman is hardly a fearsome opponent, but the flame throwing Bobby Parnell can't get him or anyone else out for that matter. I don't understand why Terry Collins thought he could get an inning and two thirds out of Parnell either.That's just pushing your luck.

Amazingly, the Mets came back to win it. But they can't win it on a double in the gap or home run in the bleachers. No, they win it on a fielders choice.

Izzy notched the 300th save of his career, but is still a major component of the BLOWpen. There is no lead that can't escape its clutches.


NJMetFan said...

Pedro Beato is the only pitcher in the bullpen that I trust. You should check out my Mets blog by searching "NJMetfan".

Farhan said...

gotta be happy dj carrasco cleared waivers.

dave said...

@Farhan good point! Carrasco & Parnell are getting close to the combo of Mota & BLOWenweiss back in '08.