Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If We Only Had a Bullpen

This is getting ridiculous. The Mets yet again came back with some late inning heroics to beat the Padres. Sure the Padres walked in the winning run, but it was the 18 singles before that set the stage for the win. That makes back to back games where the Mets took the lead in the final at bat while being down multiple runs.

However, as soon as the Mets took the lead the only thing I could think of was Isringhausen is going to blow this. It's a horrible thing to think after a great comeback, but it's the Mets way. Get a lead. Blow it late.

While the Mets needed to trade K-Rod because of his contract, he was a more valuable asset then we give him credit for. Sure he blew some saves but for the most part over the last few seasons he's closed out a number of games that this current bullpen couldn't have handled.

The current state of the Mets bullpen is beyond disastrous. I don't want to hear about the positives of Pedro Beato and the youth of Bobby Parnell. On any given day Terry Collins is forced to use DJ Carrasco and Manny Acosta as 8th inning relievers to hold onto a lead or prevent a lead from growing. Collins brought in Igarashi two nights ago in the 8th who we all knew is just a Japanese version of Guillermo Mota.

While fans wants bats in the lineup, the real need for this team is an overhauled bullpen. The current one is a makeshift crew of inexperience and has beens. Looks at the Braves bullpen. That's what the Mets need. Mentally tough young arms and a definitive closer to finish out the 9th.

I would even argue that the bullpen is even more of a need than starting pitching. It pains me to write that with Mike Pelfrey as our alleged #1 starter, but the number of games the Mets have lost this year due to bullpen meltdowns in the 7th and 8th inning are brutal.

I'm glad Izzy was able to close it out last night, but if the same situation were to come up tonight I think I would have the same suspicions as I did last night.

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