Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lacking Baseball Instincts

Keith Hernandez summed up Daniel Murphy better than anyone during last night's Mets' broadcast. He simply said, "Daniel Murphy lacks good baseball instincts." And it showed again last night as Murphy botched what should have been an easy out in the 10th inning that instead turned into an extended inning and painful loss to the Marlins.

Murphy's bat is unbelievable, but after that he becomes a serious liability. He can't run the bases right. His fielding is questionable at best. And it begs the question if Ike Davis was healthy where on earth would you put him?

Last night's loss was beyond Murphy's fault but his screw ups just add to his legend. Isringhausen should have never gotten himself into that jam and he'd been better off hitting Mike Stanton in the back than throwing him a fastball down the pipe.

And so the sick cycle carousel continues to turn. Great win streak followed by pitiful play. Somehow Mike Pelfrey always seems to be in the middle of it.

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